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Elsewhere in the Ist-a-verse

By Scott Smith in News on Nov 13, 2006 2:12PM

The -ists this week had politics on the brain. And what goes better with politics? Partying-- that's two great tastes in one. Oh, and Kevin Federline...can't forget about Kevin Federline. That's three great tastes in one.

-Bostonist discussed two big state issues-- what sort of math constitutes a marriage and what kind of alcohol can be sold in most grocery stores. And the politically minded Curt Schilling went on "Jeopardy!".

-Chicagoist celebrated the election news but cried in their Beer of the Week as Da Bears lost for the very first time. And in continuing with our theme, covered an actual K-Fed show!

-DCist caught the President stumped on a question about DC voting rights and thrilled to the VA Senate race. And after all that tumult, they went on a search for the best place to buy a keg of beer.

-Gothamist discovered that the head of George Washington was chopped off of a statue (paging Bart Simpson) and that Domino's claimed to make "Brooklyn Style Pizza." Other than that, they reported on the NY Marathon and even had a contributor relate her experiences in running it. First Person alert!

110706_deer.jpg-Houstonist, however, had a Texas-kind of week: a lady discovered oil (Texas tea) in her back yard, a man in Galveston was charged with shooting a cat, and a deer got stuck in a swimming pool.

-Parisist didn’t have an election going on so made do on just the partying part. They had a kiss-off go awry, a party in pink, and had lots of cool concerts happening, like a Lilly Allen show

-Phillyist previewed, then recapped the local and state elections, and bid Donald Rumsfield adeiu.

-Austinst also did the happy dance of joy for the loss of Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum but didn't do the happy dance of joy over a State Rep getting assaulted outside a polling place. They also went to Dorkbot , a "science fair with beer."

-LAist checked out Venice Beach, Courtney Love's new chin, and got involved in the reporting of a YouTube clip showing a member of the LAPD beating someone.

-Seattlest was concerned with two other great tastes-- sports and strippers. They interviewed an anti-lap dance stripper after posting a story about her anti-lap dancing stance (the interview is so crazy it made FARK). They were also all about Monday Night Football as GroinGate continued on.

-SFist said goodbye to their thrilling local election, climaxing in the wife of a local politician telling a big lobbying group what they could do with themselves and also said goobye to one of their baseball and football teams.

-Shanghaiist also had no elections but were still civicly minded as they took on the issue of too many dogs, and major league baseball trying to take on the China market. But their favorite story is of a chef travelling throughout China on a motorcycle trying to raise money for the poor. The trip's not going so well so Shanghaiist is trying to raise money to help him.

-Torontoist discovered a baby tiger web cam, a fire in a meatpacking plant, and some homophobic diners. But their big story? K-Fed got dumped while filming a segment for MuchMusic. We highly recommended this.

Photograph of Rick Santorum conceding defeat with his family by Gene J. Puskar/AP and the deer in the pool from Houstonist

By SFist Jon Shurkin