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Money-Grubbing Claws of Steele

By Shannon in News on Nov 19, 2006 6:00PM

Jobs come and go. Like the economic pundits keep saying, the vast majority of people are going to switch jobs and careers several times over their lifespans, and that will only happen more often in the future. We ourselves went the temp agency route for a while; an eight-week long stint here, a two-month-plus gig there. We worked at a few places for only a couple days. However, we don't remember receiving an unuusally hugeass paycheck for doing so. But for only four months' worth of work, that's exactly what Bobbie Steele might get.

greedSteele, who became interim Cook County Board President in August after John Stroger's stroke, made a pension of $68,000 before she took the job. The presidential pension is exactly twice that: $136,000. If she cuts out now and retires before Dec. 4, when the Toddler takes over the position, she stands to take that perky $136,000 home instead of going back to her measly $68k. Nothing's definite yet, but she finds the doubled pension "attractive." Nice work if you can get it.

Steele's detractors, with Tony Peraica among them, are having a batshit field day. Cook County's GOP leader (there's a GOP in Cook County?) thought the jacked-up pension "disgusting." Peraica sees it as a continuation of the political machine he railed so hard against during his campaign. Moreover, rumors are circulating that Steele wants to put her own son into her old County Board seat. Steele sees nothing wrong with the whole set-up, stating that she basically deserves the extra bank for her 46 years of constant work. We'd like to say we wouldn't take the money and run if we were in her position, but we just can't do it. We'll have to say ixnay on the "Install Your Son at Work" day, though.

Image via the Ludwig von Mises Institute.