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Another Console Launch?!?

By Chris Karr in Miscellaneous on Nov 21, 2006 6:31PM

We're not even going to act like we're surprised that we had a repeat of the whole gamers standing in line all weekend to get a console story. Been there, done that...

What we would like to know is how many of you readers out there are actually excited about these new toys. Are you looking for more photorealistic violence in the next set of Grand Theft Auto series on the PS3, or are you reliving the glory days of playing Mario and Zelda and Excitetruck on the Wii? Or are you sitting this holiday season out, perfectly content to scrounge around in the newly-filled $20 game bins?

Or do you all actually have a life and find all of the craziness surrounding the "console wars" to be a bit "fifth grade"? Chicagoist would like to know.

Image credit: mackenzieeeee