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Why Obama in 2008

By Kevin Robinson in News on Nov 21, 2006 2:50PM

Chicagoist hasn't been shy about our skepticism of an Obama run in 2008 for the White House. Besides the incredibly arduous task that overcoming his very real lack of experience, the amount of mud that will be slung is considerable; we believe that Tony Rezko is only the beginning. Add that to his public commitment to serve his full term in the Senate, and the table is set to attack the junior Senator from Illinois.

obama3.bmpIn an address to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Obama said that a "flexible timetable" predicated on ground conditions in Iraq is an acceptable means for withdrawal. Admitting that there are "no good options left in this war," he was careful not to commit to a set timetable for withdrawal, although he did call for troop withdrawal to begin in 4 to 6 months. He also proposed a stronger foreign policy that would promote "our values around the world."

Considering the incredibly active travel and fundraising schedule that the Senator has maintained as of late, as well as the additions to his political staff lately , it seems reasonable that he is getting on the record for something a little more specific in Iraq. And the benefit to Obama is that even if he doesn't run this time around, he's raised his profile so high, and helped so many other Democrats get elected, he has a ready-built national base with which to be a major player.

The Obama zeitgiest is a fascinating phenomenon. After years of divisive politics, watching the nation be torn in half over ideology, and Democrats that didn't really stand for anything, we understand Barack's appeal. Someone that people can believe in, someone that stands for something, someone that people feel can lead the country in a direction that represents the best of America. All of these are beautiful ideas that even the most cynical of us can subscribe to. We're not opposed to him running--if he can win, we think it would be great for the country.