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Harpo's New Crib

By Chris Karr in News on Nov 29, 2006 5:11PM

The Sun-Times is reporting that Oprah is moving out of her Water Tower Place condo to a new apartment a couple of blocks away on East Lakeshore Drive. Sale price: $6.2 million.

A couple of thoughts:

1. First of all, we thought that Oprah lived at that curvy tower across from Navy Pier. The fact that she lived at Water Tower Place was news to us. A quick search for "oprah lives" on Flickr doesn't help clear things up.

2. When we're in the process of procrastinating while writing, we like to walk around the East Lakeshore neighborhood. Once you go east past the Drake, there are some swanky pads. One place is so swanky that it has a garage with a revolving floor. We assume that the occupants (or their chauffeurs) drive their Bentleys right on in and when it's time to leave the flip a switch the floor rotates (like in the Bat Cave) and the driver speeds on out. We don't have a car, but we'd get one just to use that revolving floor. Hell, we'd want to see if it went fast enough to make us dizzy.

3. Moving from the Water Tower high rise to a sixth floor apartment is quite a drop in altitude. We wonder if Oprah will be yelling at all of Chicago's LiLo and Paris wannabes at the W down the street when their catfights become too loud. On second thought, she probably pays people to tell other people to be quiet and shut the hell up. (Paging Dr. Phil...)

We hope that for $6.2 million dollars, Oprah's gotten a nice place to live. But we won't be holding our breath waiting for a tour of the place on MTV's "Cribs".

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