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Hatin' on the Holiday Bus

By Jocelyn Geboy in News on Dec 6, 2006 3:00PM


We aren't. We thought it was pretty cool when we got on the Milwaukee bus for the first time ever and walked onto a holiday* wonderland of music, lights and decorations galore. We knew there was a holiday train that the CTA pimped out and sent around to different lines throughout the holiday season, but we had no idea that there were holiday buses.

(Note: The holiday train schedule that is posted at the CTA website also mysteriously lists today's Green Line schedule as having a Green Line that runs from Howard to the Library with stops at Belmont and Wellington, etc. We think they mean the Purple Line? Maybe there are two holiday trains today? One Green and one Purple? Strangely enough, the idea that the CTA might have their signals crossed is not a shock to us.)

The morning after we had been on our very own holiday bus, we found another Chicagoist/an/ista who had just been on her very own first encounter with a holiday bus the day before as well. When we checked CTA Tattler, we found yet another person who had the same experience recently, too.

But on the same post at the Tattler, we also found people who were all up in arms about the holiday-themed buses and trains. They said it was a waste of time and money! They said it was tacky and dangerous! They argued about religion!

We thought that was kind of Scrooge-y. So. What up? Have you ever been on a Holiday Bus? (Some people said there were others on the 147 and 156 as well.) Did you enjoy it? Did you hate it? Did you not give a shit? We have to say after being all excited about the glimmer and the glamour, we were equally as nonplussed by the people who sat on the bus and just acted as if this were the most natural, everyday thing in the world. We thought we were pretty citified, but c'mon! Give the Holiday Bus a little love, would'ya?

Image via smussyolay.

*Who the hell are we kidding? This holiday train is a Christmas train, people!! That sucker was blaring "Little Drummer Boy" and shit. We don't really care, but we didn't hear any songs about dreidels or anything.