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This Week in Stupid

By Joanna Miller in News on Dec 8, 2006 8:47PM

As Chicagoist wrote the last installment of TWIS, a blizzard was taking over most of the Midwest. There weren’t as many stories of snow-related stupidity as we’d hoped for, but we were able to find at least one. As for the others, well, maybe the weather drove them to it.

  1. 2006_12_08snowcar.jpgDuring Friday’s snow storm, two Milwaukee men robbed a man outside a check-cashing store and held up a women less than an hour later. The men, ages 27 and 22, attempted to leave the scene after robbing the woman, but their car was stuck in the snow. They were arrested six blocks away after trying to flee on foot. "There is a God," said Milwaukee Police Capt. Debra Davidoski.
  2. A technology professor at Northern Illinois University has been arrested after hitting a fellow professor over the head with an aluminum pipe. Students witnessed the argument between the two professors, but it’s not clear what they were fighting about. Whose tweed blazer was spiffier? Who has banged more students? We may never know. The attacking professor has not been formally charged.
  3. A bank in Bloomington, Ind., was robbed this week by a thief who used a fishing hook and line to remove bags of cash from a night deposit box. The bank has security cameras, but none aimed at the deposit boxes. The thief made off with 11 deposit bags, but the amount stolen was not released.

img_0895.jpg via Besfred.