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Put on Your Yarmulke...

By Laura Oppenheimer in Food on Dec 14, 2006 8:30PM

It is time for Chanukah! Everyone's favorite Jewish festival of lights, Chanukah begins tomorrow night at sundown. Though many think of Chanukah as the Jewish Christmas (and lordy, is it ever an excellent way for the chosen people to rake in the presents come December), the holiday is actually a minor one in the grand scheme of Judaism.

2006_12_latke.jpgThe history of the holiday isn't as important as the fact that one of the primary ways it is celebrated is by eating fried foods. Trans fat be damned! The traditional fried foods consumed are latkes (potato pancakes) and donuts. While either are acceptable, we prefer the latkes, particularly when they are topped with applesauce and sour cream.

If you dare to bust out the deep fryer at home (read: heat up some oil in a pan), latkes are pretty simple to make. Chow has an simple-to-follow recipe, while Epicurious provides a basic one with four variations. Or, if you prefer celebrate Chanukah in a restaurant, Eleven City Diner sells two latkes for $5.95. Our favorite latke in the city however, can be purchased at Chicago institution Manny's for only $1.50.

As for the rest of Chanukah — dreidels, menorahs, prayers — that stuff is good too. But the latkes? We'd take 'em any day, Chanukah or not.

Image via Laura Fries.