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'Sure, I Like Dags.'

By Shannon in Miscellaneous on Dec 16, 2006 5:55PM

Forgive us, we just watched Snatch again the other night (the movie, you pervs). To tell the truth, we're not too crazy about the creatures. People have been killed in our bar brawls for taking their side and insinuating that cats are anything less than little gods that happen to chase snotrags. But, we have let our guard down sometimes concerning cats' mortal enemies. Now, just in time for that fuzzy-wuzzy ├╝berholiday known as Christmas, comes two heartwarming stories about the rescue and recovery of two hapless dags - sorry, dogs.

doggieTwo years ago, a hurricane knocked down the back fence of Tampa resident Alice Baines, freeing her dog Sam-I-Am. Sam wandered off ... and wandered ... and wandered. Only he knows exactly where he touched upon during his long journey, but it ended in McHenry County. Veterinarians there scanned his microchip and placed his home in Florida, 1,200 miles away. Baines flew into O'Hare - the "Land of Oprah," according to her - Thursday night and was greeted joyfully by her canine companion. Her 9-year-old son Brett kept calling her cell, asking "Have you got him?" over and over again. We assume Sam-I-Am will be home in time for Christmas, which should be enough to shut the kid's yap.

In a bloodier turn of events, a four-month-old puppy was dragged for almost a mile by an elderly woman in Hickory Hills. The woman had stopped to compliment her neighbor, Curtis Lustig, on his newest family acquisition, Lucky. During the conversation, the dog's leash got caught in her bumper, taking him along for the ride when the lady drove off. Lustig chased after her car to no avail. She turned onto a busy road, where construction super Eric Hansen saw her unintentional cargo and took fast action. He forced her to stop, using his truck to curb the vehicle. Assuming the bloodied dog was dead, Hansen put a blanket over the poor pooch, but an animal control officer came on the scene and found the pup most alive. Lucky was returned to Lustig without any broken bones or internal injuries. Score two for the furry guys.

Image courtesy of abmarfia.