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Elsewhere in the Ist-a-verse

By Scott Smith in News on Dec 18, 2006 2:00PM


This was not a very happy week for the -ist network as one of our own,

Phillyist co-editor Star C. Foster, passed away early in the week. Her wit, intelligence, and good nature shone through the site, making Phillyist an immensely fun read. She was loved by many and will be missed by all.

Phillyist paid tribute to her this week with a heartfelt letter to her and an obituary.

And now, the awkward transition to the highlights of the week...

Phillyist carried on with an interview with Patrick Halloran of Ceann, their top-ten albums of the year, and their typical excellent photography.

Bostonist had some runaway reindeer while their Mayor wanted to sell city hall (literally) and MBTA workers made sexy time during work hours. Meanwhile, a bookstore misplaced some rare books.

Torontoist was ready to rock as the Queen musical is about to hit town but not so ready to rock about a fire at a popular restaurant (check out the great photos). They also played explorer and explored the pedestrian tunnels underneath their downtown core.

Austinist was also ready to rock as Pete Townshend and Iggy Pop were announced as acts at SXSW 07. A new Wal-Mart brought the controversy, as is plans to allowing blind people to hunt and a George W. Bush presidential library. Insert joke here.

LAist dropped some Top 10 album lists and got Colin Meloy of the Decemberists and the one and only Brooke Hogan to give theirs. They also prepped for rain and helped out a U.N. food program. Oh, and UCLA co-eds ran around in their underwear.

Gothamist was all over the Rosie O'Donnell controversy. They also checked out a cool art installation and got ready for the holiday season with hangover remedies. The future was also on their minds as they contemplated New York city in 2030.

Houstonist took on over-protective schools, the teen crime rate and kleenex (kleenex?). In lighter news, it looks like happy days are here again for plastic surgeons.

Londonist, perhaps because of all the Christmas drinks, found itself making repeat visits to the toilet. But they also engaged in other seasonal activities such as checking out a Frost Fair, and sniffing the Mayor - sorry - myrrh.

Seattlest got dragged into the "War on Christmas" and a strip-club raid. In other news, they covered Rachel Ray signing books, took some pretty pictures and managed to slip in a "Welcome Back Kotter" reference.

Shanghaiist wondered why all the hating on dogs. They also interviewed the band Maximo Park and reviewed them. Finally, Shanghai Perfume?

Chicagoist also had dog-related issues (warning, super-cute photo alert) and issues with skunky beer. SantaCon came and went but what Chicagoist really wanted was "The Real World" to go. Amen to that.

Parisist went gallery hopping (in French) and took a photo of some art. In tech news, free WiFi was being discussed and a blog conference went awry.

And finally, while SFist's endlessly photogenic Mayor was caught macking on his girlfriend, they took a poll on who should run against him (sadly, the Giant's mascot came in second). But what they really want to know is if he's going to answer a few questions. Also, is Islamo-facism really about to take over a suburb?

By SFist Jon Shurkin