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Tank Johnson's Fate Announced

By Benjy Lipsman in News on Dec 20, 2006 2:00PM

2006_12_sports_bears_tank_apology.jpgChicagoist has lost a lot of respect for Bears management this week. They talked a tough game, but when push came to shove they backed down.

At a Tuesday afternoon press conference, Bears GM Jerry Angelo announced that the Bears will suspend Tank Johnson for one game for "conduct detrimental to the team." ONE GAME!?!?! Talk about caving to the pressure to win at all costs. After serving his suspension, he'll be eligible to return for the finale against Green Bay. Of course, that means he'll be able to play throughout the playoffs.

The Trib explains, "The decision to discipline Johnson [was] because of his decision to go out with friend and bodyguard William Posey last Friday only hours after general manager Jerry Angelo put him on notice that poor decisions and behavior had to stop."

The NFL will handle any additional punishment that ensues from last week's arrest.

In his apology statement to the team and fans, Johnson said, "Any time you're given a second chance in life, I believe it's up to you to take advantage of it. And this is my second chance."

Second chance? Wasn't his second chance blown when six guns turned up in his house, in violation of his probation? Wasn't his third chance blown when he went out to a club, violating his bail conditions? A night that went so badly his best friend/bodyguard ended up dead? He's already well beyond a second chance.

At the very least, he should have been suspended for the rest of the season. Really, the Bears should have made a strong statement and outright cut him. They'll cut a player for muffing a few punts, but a guy who displays a repeated pattern of putting his family and others at risk, and cannot be depended upon by his teammates, gets a tickle on the wrist?