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Pistol-Whipped Next to a Whip

By Matt Wood in News on Dec 21, 2006 1:34PM

On Monday when we discussed the city's plans to step up efforts to protect pedestrians, a few commenters replied by saying that often, pedestrians are just as much to blame as vehicles for creating dangerous situations at intersections. They're right too; Chicagoist has witnessed many walkers blithely wandering into the street against no-walk signs, and let's not even start on the herds of people on Michigan Avenue who apparently skipped street safety day in grade school. But we don't think those pointing out pedestrian culpability Monday had this in mind as a solution.

chicagoist_200612_380.jpgOn Tuesday night, Kevin Rogers was crossing the street at Randolph and Columbus, when a driver turning left honked at him. Rogers slapped the side window of the car, and the driver, Jeffrey Hess, knocked him down with his car, got out and pistol-whipped Rogers with a .380, and drove away. Luckily for Rogers, witnesses came to his assistance and wrote down Hess' plate number. He was arrested shortly after on charges of aggravated battery, unlawful use of a weapon, and not having a valid license to carry a gun.

Chicagoist admits to tapping a few trunks and making "What the hell?" gestures at drivers who nearly ran us down making turns, and when the shouting was over we always thought that we were glad they didn't jump out of the car with a gun or a baseball bat. The victim here should have kept his hands to himself, but he didn't deserve a beatdown either. Score one more advantage for motorists; we'll stand by our earlier warnings of walker beware.