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Hammered for the Holidays

By Scott Smith in News on Dec 22, 2006 6:10PM

2006_12_santatipsy2.JPGAfter playing the part of the stern nanny to the entire city of Chicago for most of last year, the City Council is making it easier to booze it up over the holidays.

The Daily Southtown reports that businesses throughout Chicago will be allowed to start selling alcohol at 8 a.m. on Christmas and New Year’s eves. Both holidays fall on a Sunday this year, a day when alcohol sales are prohibited before 11 a.m. because getting soused at nine in the morning makes the baby Jesus cry. We covered this back in September, but we're all about public service here, and thought you deserved a reminder.

The temporary change in the law applies only to those stores selling packaged goods liquor. A press release from the city explains the rationale:

“The change came as a recommendation by the business community and it makes sense,” Department of Business Affairs and licensing director Scott Bruner said. “The extra hours provide Chicago businesses with an opportunity to reap the benefits during two of their biggest sales days of the year.”

We’re pretty sure most people can be patient and reap those benefits after 11, but if it keeps just one person from getting the DTs on Christmas Eve then it’s probably worth it. Allow us to recommend one of Chicagoist’s Beers of the Week for all your early bird alcohol-shopping needs.

For those looking to get loaded on Christmas proper, Time Out Chicago lists five bars that are open for toasting. And while you’re at home, don’t forget to steal some of those extra bottles of V.O. that your Dad gets from his business clients. He’s got plenty of extras and you’ll need ‘em to make hot toddies in the winter months ahead.