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They're Quite Aware of What They're Going Through

By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on Dec 22, 2006 6:00PM

Holy shit, right now Greg.K, Leigh Lezark, and Geordon Nicol could be walking around making tastes, this very second, in our fine city!

What, you say? You have no idea what we’re talking about? You’re not alone.

2006_12_misshapes.jpegIn some circles, though, the aforementioned are also known as the MisShapes DJ collective, primarily famous for throwing a terrific NYC-based party, and, well, looking good. They come from the cult of DJ-as-personality, with less emphasis on skill than on song selection. Recently they’ve stated that they DJ for no one other than themselves and that crowd reaction has no bearing on their sets.

Here’s the deal, though. We could get all grumpy and come down on these kids for promoting style over substance, but let’s face it; The MisShapes are living a Bowie tune and any criticism of said lives would betray a basic fuddy-duddyness within the critique. What actually matters in a situation like this is how the people feel, and judging by what we’ve read, and seen, of their NYC party we think it’s safe to say that when these kids throw a party, the people feel pretty fucking fantastic.

We’re not sold on them as taste-makers of broad influence, but we feel safe getting behind them 100% as far as the fun-factor of a particular event is concerned. Their Chicago appearance at Sonotheque tonight is hosted by the Dark Wave Disco collective, which we suppose is sort of our own version of MisShapes, at least as far as song selection goes. (Sorry boys, none of you are nearly as cute as LoveLeigh, face it.) We’re curious to see how Chicago reacts to the MisShapes arrival, and we’re hoping that the home team shows the visiting New Yorkers that Midwesterners can be a bunch of depraved, debauched, and decadent fun-lovers too. Plus, until we actually make it to NYC for a visit this is the closest we’re going to get to their legendary Saturday night parties.

Just one request for the MisShapes though: Please leave Jackson behind. Thanks.