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Grabowski's Choice

By Scott Smith in Arts & Entertainment on Dec 27, 2006 6:20PM

2006_12_ditka.jpgThere are lots of ways to process the news that the NFL moved the Bears-Packers game from the afternoon to the evening.

For those who had tickets and party plans for NYE, and angered the gods by celebrating their good fortune a bit too early (including yours truly), it’s like an end-of-the-year George Constanza moment. We’re up! Then we’re down!

For those who are Soldier Field employees, members of the Chicago Police Department and toiling away in the restaurant industry, it’s a logistical cock-up of the highest order.

And for those of us who depend on lively current events to feed a particular beast, it’s as if three wise men delivered us gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to ponder in our hearts, newspapers, blogs and talk radio call-ins during a notoriously slow news week.

The Tribune talks to folks from all three groups, while columnist Ed Sherman seems to take the socialist perspective, and says it’s ultimately a good deal for the most amount of people watching at home. With the NFL’s flexible schedule, capitalism is having a pretty good day too, unless you’re a ticket broker, since they’re losing money big time. So it’s not all bad.

The Sun-Times reports
on two brides who decided to make their lives more difficult by getting married on New Year's Eve, and are now competing with the Bears game, too.

"By 7:15 we'll be saying, 'I do,'" she said. "Our best man is a die-hard Bears fan, and my fiance hasn't told him yet because he's afraid."

If this woman's best man doesn't already know what time the ceremony is, then she's got bigger problems than she thinks. Also, did you know there will be no beer sales after halftime? Harsh.

While many people have already passed off their tickets, there are still some to be found on Craiglist, Stubhub and company bulletin boards. While Tara Reid has made her plans for the evening, we imagine still others have not yet made a decision as to whether the game or their long-standing NYE plans take precedence. We believe asking one simple question will provide you with your answer:

What Would Ditka Do?