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Elsewhere in the Ist-a-verse

By Scott Smith in News on Dec 31, 2006 6:18PM

As 2006 ends and 2007 begins, the -ists look back not at the past week, but at the past year. So here it is, your Best of 2006 Spectacular. And from all of us at the -ists, happy New Year!

Austinist was all about controversy as new construction to increase urban density ran rampant in 2006, as did threats to the city's image from gigantic corporations looking to set up shop in town, leading to much controversy and debate over the future of Austin. Speaking of controversy, a local teacher got dismissed by a school district after semi-naked pictures of her showed up in Flickr and Austinist got the interview.

Bostonist had a cranky year as they ranted about bad cable companies with bad connections, bad bachelors, and bad public transportation.

Chicagoist had a case of too much reality. As in reality shows like the "Real World" and "American Idol". Or the loss of a beloved brew. Or their baseball teams. And finally, what says reality more than getting into a fight with the one and only Richard Marx?

DCist wanted to take you higher and nothing says taking you higher like a review of a Scott Stapp show. Also making them higher is when they complained about some potholes and they got fixed. Not helping, however, was a band criticizing their fair city and the Washington Post's description of "wingmen."

Gothamist laid it out with their best news stories, sports stories, music stories, and food stories.

Houstonist made a bunch of stands. Like trying to save a historic shopping center. Or the right to own guns in parks. Or homophobic gardeners. They also interviewed a real live actual weatherman.

LAist was more frivolous as they had co-eds in underwear and co-eds in protest, a pimped out Louis Vuitton Chrysler, a new development, and a stingray who apologized for Steve Irwin's death.

Londonist found themselves in a spot of bother with the police. They also had quite the excitement over animals as a huge mechanical elephant came to visit and a whale showed up in the Thames. Meanwhile, readers have been sending in hilariously photoshopped images of London, a campaign that's being talked about in the national press.

Parisist concerned with the finer things in life. Like photographs. Or outdoor restaurants and loved-themed hotels. Or books by David Abiker and street art that wants to affect change.

Phillyist pondered the small things in life. Like"elevator kamikazes," old-fashioned manners, the heat,burritos, yeast infections and the inalienable cuteness of panda bears.

Sampaist had stars in their eyes as they interviewed a DJ and got into the mulch when a famous actress forgot her panties.

Seattlest had a bunch of questions this year: is lap dancing kosher? Did a bus driver get fired for flipping off the President? Did some copsbeat up a bunch of bikers? And is development a good thing?

SFist woke up every morning and thanked the heavens for their Mayor for giving them such great material. We helped him get a date, gossiped about his dates (especially when they were underage), named them, and even voted on them. But nothing caused shockwaves as much as the week he let his hair down. Literally.

Shanghaiist had sex on the brain, whether it was about banned blogs, un-banned blogs, "Sexpo," a blogger beauty contest, or men's underwear. Oh, and also the world's tallest woman.

Torontoist saw their readers mix it up over t-shirt designs for their mass transit, the Great Debate over Cars vs. Bikes, a rock star wannabe, and cover tunes.

By SFist's Jon Shurkin