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Elevatorgate Over, For Now

By Laura Oppenheimer in News on Jan 3, 2007 5:20PM

First he loses the private elevator, what’s next? The family name off of the hospital?

2007_1_elevator.jpgWe speak today of Cook County Board President Todd Stroger, whose days of riding a private elevator are over. Stroger was given the private elevator in the County Building last month, in order to keep him from chatting with all of the regular elevator riders. When he rode the public elevator, his chatty side got the best of him and he was unable to stay on schedule. Say what?

At the time, Stroger Spokesman Bill Figel said, “It's really for expediting his schedule so we can get him places and get everything completed. It's one of many features to modernize county operations, but it also speaks to his inclination to stop and talk to everybody."

This story makes exactly zero sense to us. The whole point of the elevator is that the ride is contained in a short period of time. For example, many students are told they should be able to explain their entire thesis topic in a single elevator ride. Similarly, entrepreneurs should be able to pitch their business ideas in the time it takes to go from the lobby to the 6th floor.

So what does the Toddler do now that he doesn’t get the VIP treatment? He takes whatever elevator comes first. Sometimes it really sucks being a common person.