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How to Report a Story

By Matt Wood in News on Jan 3, 2007 2:55PM

chicagoist_200701_blunt.jpgA 21-year-old West Side woman was hospitalized this weekend after becoming too intoxicated while playing the 2006 current events version of Trivial Pursuit, thus becoming the answer to a question in the 2007 version. Flurisha Cooper and her friend would take a shot of brandy and smoke weed after each incorrect answer, and Cooper apparently lost.

The funniest part of the story is the Sun-Times News Wire's breathless reporting of the incident (via CBS 2):

If a player provided an incorrect answer, that person would take a shot of E & J Brandy and take a hit off a marijuana blunt, according to the report. "Blunt" is the vernacular for marijuana rolled up in cigar leaves.

Cooper, 21, who was the yellow piece, continually provided wrong answers, resulting in over intoxication.

Looks like somebody was listening in journalism school when the professor said to report every detail. In the spirit of providing the most information possible, we direct readers further interested in blunts to listen to "How to Roll a Blunt" by Redman, from his 1992 disc Whut? Thee Album.