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Hump Day Political News Roundup

By Kevin Robinson in News on Jan 4, 2007 5:30PM

Howdy little doggies, the Roundup got in late yesterday as our wagontrain kept crashing. But not to worry, we're here with the best of the rest this week. Let's all snuggle up around the Firefox while yer Uncle Chicagoist tells y'all a story!

  • 2007_1_cowboy.jpgLynn Sweet is practically a political blogger, hopping on whatever Obama bandwagon is coming along at the moment. Flogging Obama's "drug use" is sure to be something that the bottom-feeder columnists will be talking to themselves about for the next two years.
  • It turns out that George Bush actually isn't hunting our Senator in the hills of Pakistan, as CNN originally reported. Not that he's really looking for anyone in the hills of Pakistan, anyway....
  • Blagojevich is planning on instituting performance-based raises for state workers. No word yet on whether employees will be "encouraged" to "contribute" to G-Rod's kid's college fund after "earning" their raises.
  • Daley is a great environmentalist, and he has done a lot to make Chicago earth-friendly. Like making sure that the CTA is well managed and efficient, so people won't want to drive to work. And closing Meigs Field and turning it into green space where people and development don't trespass on the lakefront that is so dear to us all.