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It's Like "Quarters" For the 21st Century

By Chuck Sudo in Food on Jan 4, 2007 7:00PM


Here's something to waste your time, and the remaining good areas of your livers, without getting Trivial Pursuit answers wrong. The premise of "365-Beer" is a simple one: participants attempt to drink 365 different beers in 365 days. For those of us with some common sense, there are lower targets available. Every beer logged then enters a larger database, giving participants an idea of the range and scope of breweries that they may have never head of before. What would really be great is if the game had a separate page for tasting notes. Then again, the object here is to drink.

The page, part of a larger site called "Mister Gone", so far has a decided East Coast bent to it. You'll find a lot of selections from Yeungling and Brooklyn Brewery selections by going through the database. It needs more of a midwestern/flyover states feel. This is where you fine readers come in. We want you to register for "365-Beer" and start listing your selections on the site. You'll find us there under the screen name "The Liquor Vicar of Bridgeport", where we've set a modest goal of 100 beers, and are waiting for confirmation, so we can start listing our beers. We're also placing a personal caveat to that 100 beer goal: no Bud/Bud Light, Miller High Life/MGD/Miller Lite, or Coors (including Zima, Molson, Killian's Irish Red, Keystone, Carling's, or Blue Moon) will be consumed in the pursuit of that goal.

If you register, give us a shout. We want to see what you're all drinking. Who knows? One of your selections might find its way to a "BotW" designation. It also spares us from copying Margaret and writing a post titled "Connvinnssh Ussshhhh."

Thanks to Chicagoist reader Sean for tipping us to this.