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Not Your Grandma's Yarn Projects

By Olivia Leigh in Arts & Entertainment on Jan 4, 2007 6:00PM


2007_01_cozylong.jpgAlthough the unseasonably -- and slightly disconcerting -- warm weather has left us dashing around the city in skirts and dresses, it seems like someone was a bit worried the little trees dotting Briar Place, just off of Broadway, might be in need of a little extra warmth.

While making our way from Chili Mac's to Cupcakes about ten days ago, we came across the adorable and befuddling "tree cozies" made of various colors of yarn wrapped around the trunks and branches, with even a few woven flowers mixed into the bunch.

After posting some images on Flickr, someone directed us to the ladies (and lone male) of Houston-based group, Knitta, Please! We e-mailed the fine knitters, but didn't receive a response. While other -ist sites have reported on the Knittas descendence upon their communities, given that there are no Chicago-tagged projects on their page, we're guessing the Briar Street sweaters are from a group of independent, renegade Chicago knitters.

While we'd love to discover the group of knitters gone wild -- whom we hope have an equally awesome name -- behind this Whodunnit mystery, we'd be thrilled if more of these suprises start popping up around the city, despite the potential calls of vandalism. Let's just hope Natarus doesn't get wind of this. We know how he feels about fun...

Images by turbohamster and the author.