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The Daley News

By Kevin Robinson in News on Jan 5, 2007 2:50PM

2007_1_deep_thoughts.jpgMayor Daley has a lot on his mind these days, and most of what's in there has been in the news recently. He started this week being hailed by Conscious Choice magazine as a great environmentalist. Plus he's building those solar bus shelters and recycled sidewalks. (Now if only the buses would actually show up....) And when the local hippie press isn't fawning over his recycling program and his big plans for the CTA (WTF!?), he's opining on Obama and why his purported drug use won't matter. But it isn't all organic roses and free-range wine. No, sometimes Da Mare has to hold his own in the court of public opinion. One of his challengers in the upcoming election is trying to get him removed from the ballot. Bill "Dock" Walls, community activist and one-time Harold Washington aide is challenging some 19,000 signatures on Daley's ballot filing.

Besides touting his achievements, fawning over Obama, and taking it to the streets against the opposition, Daley is also standing up to Big Bad Blagojevich, actively supporting school-funding reform, through the so-called "tax-swap." He's also calling for better gun legislation in the state, imploring the General Assembly to ban assault weapons, to limit handgun purchases to one a month and to require licensing for handgun dealers. And knowing that his people will be smart and safe, he's also fighting to make sure that the city is prepared for a disaster, never mind what the naysayers in D.C. think!

Yes, Daley has his hands (and maybe even his mind) full right now, and the local press is there to give it to us!