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Elsewhere in the Ist-a-verse

By Scott Smith in News on Jan 7, 2007 9:11PM


Sunday. Usually, a quiet, contemplative day in the Blogosphere. But not here in the Ist-a-Verse. Nonono! Just look below and see all of the wild and crazy stuff our staffs are up to.

In Austin, bands are beginning to confirm for SXSW and the rumor mill is up and running. Good thing, too, because we all know how much Austinites love live performances. Austin also found itself in the national spotlight, with Longhorn Legend Vince Young (Hook 'Em!) named NFL's Offensive Rookie of the Year (albeit not in Austin), Playboy—which we only read for the articles—naming Austin's Emo's one of America's Top Ten Rock Clubs, and a hip Austin neighborhood, once home to junkies and prostitutes, named one of America's most eco-friendly.

Chicagoist was all about the verbs this week. They debated whether Playboy's pick for Chicago's best live music venue was right or wrong, defended their city's poor disaster preparedness rating from the Department of Homeland Security, giggled over the reportage of a New Year's Eve party gone out of bounds, wondered if a Chicago branch of guerilla knitters had descended upon the city, and worried over the Rex Grossman problem affecting our Chicago Bears.

Phillyist found puppy love—or infatuation, made a few predictions for 2007, contemplated the execution of Saddam Hussein, and struggled to get home. They strongly recommend both books and short films about giraffes, but suggest you steer clear of this very unpleasant bathroom experience.

Torontoist's commenters were keeping themselves busy this week—but how could they resist, with posts like this interview with a local condo king, a call for suggestions and comments for the city's new transportation leader, a really large shawarma as a publicity stunt, thoughts on the best and worst of 2006, and a crew of rebel huggers?

Gothamist covered the rescue that everyone's talking about, and showed what good karma the rescuer's feeling—we're sending some his way, too. They also let us know that Park Slope might not be as safe as we thought, but it's still probably cleaner than Manhattan's Lower East Side. Morrissey insulted a New York institution, but maybe he can make it up to them by gently stroking the concierge's hair.

This week, DCist took a close look at why there is a monument to the founder of homeopathy, was holding its breath with anticipation at the thought of getting voting rights soon, caught its mayor in an awkward situation and asked readers to caption the photo, and discussed their mayor's new takeover plan of their public school system.

SFist writer Matty Matt caught a bus confrontation on tape, and landed him—and SFist—on TV. Meanwhile, a mother-son team got arrested for pimping. And SFist Christina interviewed Lisa Congdon, who's doing a very good thing for the Kim Family.

Londonist can't stop raving about their city's fireworks, and (this is a quote, we swear) would fancy having a go at the police's latest PR exercise. The Tower of London has its first female beefeater, which is awesome. Paying nearly $5 (US) for a bottle of water, however, is not. And it's been a happy, happy week for pop star Lily Allen: her dog, Maggie May, is home, safe and sound.

LAist presents us with the story of a relationship told through traffic signs, a review of a concert we wish we were at, the saga of an important record store that may be forced to close soon, and last week's Tournament of Roses Parade—a.k.a. this week's compost heap.

Parisist informs us that the French love their protests—including the arrival of the new year. (It still came.) An old Nazi stronghold and current government building is apparently worth more than Notre Dame and the Louvre combined. And we're totally jealous, because apparently, once upon a time, New Year's Day meant even more presents.

Bostonist is shocked—shocked, they say!—that their great state may bring a gay marriage ban to a vote. The low cost bus taking Bostonians to New York, and New Yorkers to Boston has a couple screws loose, but New Yorkers can save their $15 (for a ride on the Fung Wah) and quit trying to rename Boston's neighborhoods. And tourists, visitors, and regular riders beware! MBTA fares have gone up and the fare structure is a little bit wacky.

Shanghaiist has been a little light on posting lately due to earthquake-related cable damage, but it hasn't kept them from searching for sugar-free beverages, and reporting on Metro-themed ringtones, meat on a stick, and The Curse of the Golden Cleavage Flower.

Seattlest suggested how you might rid yourselves of your holiday buttermilk and interviewed the author of Vanishing Seattle. Speaking of books, Seattle's publishing scene has been hit. Seattlest has some dating advice for Carrie Underwood and, while they're handing out free advice, really thinks your kid should be wearing a helmet.