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"I Am a Winner!"

By Kevin Robinson in News on Jan 9, 2007 5:30PM

2007_1_puppetmaster.jpgCook County Clerk of the Circuit Court and would-be Mayor of Chicago Dorothy Brown has been getting all bent out of shape over the word choices of a certain South Side preacher. After Rev. James Meeks told the press that he had no intention of endorsing for mayor "anybody who's going to lose," Dorothy Brown has practically barnstormed the local press, accusing the minister of "hurtful" and "sexist" remarks. Meeks retorted that he wasn't necessarily talking about her.

Meeks even took it a step further, noting last Sunday in remarks to his congregation that he was being asked questions about two different people at the same time, and that the Sun-Times twisted his words. Not that he would back her anyway. No, he's throwing his weight behind Daley, who has not only proven that Brown doesn't have the spine for the job, but that he can control the black vote in this city. It's handy to have Brown to kick around, and Meeks to back you when you want to act like you're taking on the Governor over education reform. At least until Feb. 28, that is.