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Chefs in Glass Restaurants Shouldn't Throw Stones

By Laura Oppenheimer in Food on Jan 11, 2007 6:00PM

Chicagoist, unfortunately, has partaken in the snack box on a United flight. For those of you who have made the same mistake, you understand. And for those of you who haven't, don't.

2007_1_airline.JPGThat being said, dining on select United business and first class flights could become much more pleasant in the coming years. Charlie Trotter, he of the eponymous Lincoln Park restaurant, will begin designing on-flight entrees for the Elk Grove-based airline. The meals, which have yet to be designed, will be available on flights to Europe, and flights from JFK to SFO or LAX. No word on whether CT will hook us up here in Chicago.

In a statement released by United, Trotter said, “I look forward to creating unique, high-quality cuisine for United’s customers.”

We don't want to be a hater or anything like that, and lord knows airline food can use all the help it can get, but is this the same man who told the Trib in November, "I don't have 18 projects, as some of my colleagues do."? Oh how the mighty have fallen. In addition to this latest project, Trotter is also designing a restaurant for the under-construction Elysian Hotel on East Walton and opening a food stand at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. He also recently released a cookbook, and continues to run the flagship restaurant and Trotter's To Go.

Chicagoist isn't saying we aren't in favor of Trotter giving airline food a makeover. We just wish he would talk a little less about how he is so superior to his celebrity chef counterparts, and admit that he wants the money, he wants the fame, and heck, he may even want his own line at Applebee's.

Image via Run On Sentence.