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Telling on Joe Moore

By Kevin Robinson in Miscellaneous on Jan 12, 2007 2:50PM

2007_1_tattler.JPGIf you're like us (and we bet you are — hell, you're reading the damned site) you surf the net all day. And when you surf the net all day, some pretty neat things come across your desk. We stumbled across this yesterday. It seems that the CTA Tattler scooped your star political writer here at Chicagoist (not that we do any real reporting, anyway), with a piece about 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore's resolution before the City Council to hold hearings on the general state of disrepair of the CTA. The first commenter on their blog put it succinctly, in a way we couldn't say any better:

Huh, who, what? This is Joe Moore, from the 49th right? The foie gras guy? Not some other Joe Moore? Taking action on a REAL issue? What the...

I mean, the issues he brings up have been hashed around on various online forums. Some have even been satisfactorily answered generally in the CTA's favor. Still, I give him credit for finally shedding some light on an issue that actually has relevance for a large portion of the population. Even if the CTA can in fact defend it's actions and strategies, I think it's long past time that these matters received a public audit by city officials. Especially the crumbling present infrastructure and the circle line, which even if the agency were rolling in loot, is indefensible when there are so many other potential projects that are more worthy.

Besides the fact that Moore is treading water in his own difficult reelection bid, and is for sure using this as an opportunity to get some positive press, 22nd Ward Alderman Ricardo Munoz is on board with this as well. Considered by many to be independent of Daley (something Moore likes to tell himself he is when he is playing pretend with David Fagus), Munoz has no problem calling Daley out when he sees fit. This is good, because it means that he will pursue this resolution and its conclusion before the council with the fervor it deserves, and he'll do it with the people of the 22nd Ward in mind. But it makes us wonder how dedicated Joe Moore is, and if this is really just more smoke and mirrors on his part to cover for the failures of the schools, social services, crime prevention, and his bending over for developers in his ward.

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