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Elsewhere In The Ist-a-verse

By Scott Smith in News on Jan 15, 2007 2:00PM


We don't know about you, but it's friggin cold out there. Well, not for some of you. It seems as though places that are supposed to be cold are warm and places that are supposed to be warm are cold. Or maybe that's just us. Either way, we're freezing.

Austinist said goodbye to their co-editor (sell-out) and played rumor monger on the SXSW lineup. And when dozens of dead birds littered downtown Austin, it's Big Bird to the rescue.

Bostonist concerned itself with law and order. Like a local being arrested in Atlanta for jaywalking or the new commissioner's lack of a moustache. And the local paper is for street tagging before they're against it.

Chicagoist got into it with LAist, even over Olympic bids. Maybe it's because they switched from coffee to tea? At least they still have their hot dogs.

DCist dug around to discover a neighborhood wasn't getting their mail and a quote from the eminantely quotable Gilbert Arenas. They also envisioned a Metro system of the future and said goodbye to smoking in the Speaker's Lobby in Congress.

Gothamist was in a weird mood. Maybe it was because NYC got itself its own condom? Or that weird smell in the air? Or maybe it was the weird subway ad featuring Jerry Orbach's posthumous eye donation? Then there's their art scene.

Houstonist detailed when things go bad. Like a visit to a strip club. Or a pizza parlor that accepted pesos and dead people sending e-mail. Oh, and they've have had it with these motherf------ scorpions on this motherf------ plane!

cratera.jpgLAist sang "let us entertain you" as they reviewed the DVD of "Rome," interviewed local rapper Pigeon John, dreamed of eating at the new all-you-can-eat section at Dodger Stadium, and discussed Anthony Michael Hall's dropping of the N Bomb.

Parisist learned all sorts of things this week, just like their cops did when they went to LA. They learned all the fines you could get on their Metro, that the Louvre might be opening an annex in Dubai, and that Parisians love their boots.

Phillyist was embarassed at a job interview and things overheard while shopping, but not embarrassed about going shopping for vibrators or their Mummers parade.

Sampaist saw a huge crater open up when the walls of a huge hole being excavated for a new subway station in São Paulo collapsed.

SFist had a controversial week when a bunch of choir boys from Yale got beat up on New Year's. It was such a big story, even Sean Hannity jumped in. And don't even get people started on Chinese New Year shows that might be about the Falun Gong.

Shagnhaiist kissed a new ferris wheel goodbye but said hello to a cool new James Bond-like building. Elsewhere, they detailed how the poor live in China and they're really, really tired about hearing how up-and-coming China is.

Torontoist went looking for awesome license plates, purty lights, and a controversial tagger. And there's an open casting call to star in a production of Dirty Dancing!

Photo of the Mummers Parade from Phillyist

Post by SFist Jon Shurkin