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Go Bears!

By Timmy Watson in News on Jan 21, 2007 8:40PM

07_01_21_gobearssign.jpgWe were in the car last night and Chicago Public Radio ran a piece on the CNA building downtown and its process for creating their "Go Bears". We always assumed these were simply mapped out on an excel sheet and that was that. But, it sounds pretty intense.

They first do a mock up what they want the building to look like on a graphics program, then map out exactly which blinds have to be closed. Then it takes five or so guys about six hours to cover the thousands of offices in the building. When asked if they get a certain excitement one of the workers chided in, "Oh yeah, it is pretty hard to keep from breaking into a run." While we are sure it is tedious, we are extremely grateful for the message, it gives us a certain since of a certain since of community in this large city.

For more pictures and insights into the process CNA goes through, check out this local blog where it seems the author is the daughter of one of the engineers of the building messages.

Image via SteveandAmysly