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This Week in Stupid, Super Bowl Edition

By Matt Wood in News on Jan 26, 2007 2:42PM

chicagoist_200701_super-bowl.jpgThe news was light on Stupid this week, at least the kind we usually write about, but Bears news provided enough silliness to fill three newspapers so we decided to make this a special Super Bowl XLI edition of TWIS.

After Sunday's win over the Saints, three men jumped into Lake Michigan near Soldier Field on purpose and had to be rescued. One of the men was described as "combative," which as we learned from Slate yesterday, probably means "drunk."

GoldenPalace spotted another prime advertising opportunity when a 35-year-old mother-to-be offered her pregnant belly as advertising space in exchange for two tickets to the big game. The sad thing is, it probably worked, because she says she's gotten 45 offers so far.

The city is quivering with rage after the spoils of Mayor Daley's bet with Seattle's mayor arrived, well, spoiled. It was bad enough they only wagered half of what Da Mare did for the Bears-Seahawks game, but some of the beer bottles were broken when the package arrived this week, ruining the rest of the contents. What, you guys don't have bubble wrap in Seattle?

Of course, the biggest Stupid News story/controversy this week was the despicable behavior of some Bears fans toward the Saints and New Orleans in general, topped only by the finger-wagging, name-calling, and blanket generalizations about both cities that followed. We're sure some Saints fans would have been jerks if the Bears had played in the Superdome, but that's not a reason for some jackass to tell one of the visitors that it's too bad he didn't drown in Katrina. C'mon people, 1985 wasn't that long ago. Act like you've been there before.