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Elsewhere in the Ist-a-verse

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Jan 29, 2007 1:00AM

As the world holds its breath, teetering precariously on the cusp of the Super Bowl (well, at least in America), the wheels of the -ists keep on turning.

Austinist was in a musical frame of mind as they listened to the new Shins album, updated the SXSW band listings and got called "punk rock" for their efforts by MTV. And an ice storm swept through the area.

Bostonist said goodbye to John Kerry's plans for running in 2008 but hello to some local reality TV people. They also dug some illustrations, one from the MBTA and the other of a Craiglist personal.

Chicagoist visited a restaurant that somebody said is the best in all of the land and jumped into the debate over whether their train systems is the "L" or the "El." Oh yeah, their football team is going to the Super Bowl, hopefully without some classless fans.

DCist waded into some controversy as their Mayor snubbed the First Lady, a councilman tried to ban all-ages shows, and complained about suburbanites trying to come into the city.

Gothamist was feeling cultural as they debated Robert Moses, wondered who is splashing street art, and claimed "been there, done that" over a story bout bloggers hanging out with each other. And who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!

kurt_loder_1-25-07.jpgHoustonist wondered about the person who bought a chunk of ice on eBay for $26 and a proposal that came and went on the banning of racial slurs. They also ain't saying if she's a golddiger but there are apparently a lot in Houston.

LAist went from LA to San Fran in three minutes and then went to Sundance. They also raved about Netflix and some music.

Londonist geeked out to the iPhone and some handmade maps of London. They also had some problems with the snow and wondered if the S.A.S. made them safer.

Phillyist was in a cranky mood as they vented on people with bad grammar, hipsters, and everyone in general. But you know what puts them in a good mood? The extended title sequence of the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air".

Seattlest had big things on the mind as they wrote about the trial of a Canadian serial killer, a school that banned An Inconvenient Truth, the death of a local paper, and the lameness of a local used-car salesman.

SFist found themselves in the middle of several big debates — that of paper vs. plastic, cars vs. bikes, and the Mayor's spokesperson vs. sock puppets. In less troublesome posts, they let the world know all about Ghost Riding (check out the awesome video too).

Shanghaiist was doing some traveling as they considered traveling the countryside in ways both frugal and expensive. And while travelling, they discovered some fancy new ticket machines and a Starbucks in the Forbidden City.

Torontoist discovered a rather obvious church bulletin, questioned the validity of complaints about a local housing development, and mourned the loss of etiquette signs on their subway system.