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When Is the Super Bowl Again?

By Todd McClamroch in News on Jan 30, 2007 4:00PM

2007_01_30_cbs.jpgYesterday we expressed our feelings about CBS Chicago adding a Super Bowl Countdown Clock in the top left corner during all of their programming. Turns we weren't the only ones that thought the clock was overkill. Tribune reporter Phil Rosenthal interviewed Carol Fowler of CBS who said "We were bombarded by viewers who said it was annoying, it was distracting. ... It wasn't appreciated by people watching the Hallmark movie of the week." CBS has yanked the countdown clock from most of its programming.

In today's age of diverse media outlets Chicagoist feels all on-screen warnings should be banned. We watch television because we are interested in the current programming. We don't need to be reminded of something we already know. Not to mention we don't need the networks taking over 30% of the screen real estate to tell us the weather is crappy. That is generally something we trust our windows to communicate to us.

At the rate traditional media was pouring out Bears-related stories you knew they would run out of interesting and worthy stories quickly. Check out Rosenthal's article which points out a few examples, in addition to the countdown clock, of the media beginning to overdo the Bears coverage, such as a reporter interviewing animals at the zoo as to who they are supporting — the Bears or the Colts.

Chicagoist is just waiting for one of the networks to step over the line and tie in the putting down of Barbaro to the Bears beating the Colts on Sunday. Maybe the start of media day at the Super Bowl today will save us from such reports.

Sadly, very important and exciting sporting news is being lost in the deluge of Bears stories. Did you know Chicago may become home of the World Skating Museum?