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Early Spring? Get Outta Here!

By Shannon in News on Feb 2, 2007 2:30PM

groundhogThose wacky Germans. Without their superstitions, we wouldn’t have Groundhog Day, nor would we have the delightful movie which takes its name from it. The leading authority on G-Day, Punxsutawney Phil, went against the grain this morning and did not see his shadow. According to lore, this means spring will come early — how early, nobody knows. We call bull on this, considering how face-crackingly cold it is outside, along with the dissipation of El Nino. Come back, our little Nino, we miss you!

Think that’s all the groundhog news we could possibly give you? Wait, there’s more! Some enterprising animal handlers in Woodstock set their own hog, Willie, down in front of two pictures: one of a Bears helmet, and one for the Colts. The furry woodland creature made a beeline for the Bears pic. We’re guessing this means Willie’s putting good money on the home team, but if not, then expect Bears fans citywide to hibernate for the next six weeks.