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Your Friday Food Buffet

By Chuck Sudo in Food on Feb 2, 2007 5:07PM

2006_02_body_sushi.jpg "Your Friday Food Buffet" is a new feature where we combine business-related news concerning food and drink with tastings and fixed-price dinners happening around town this weekend. Pretty cut-and-dried, don'cha think? Anyway, we hope you like it.

Starbucks finally drops act, admits inspiration for business model: After test-marketing in Chicago and other markets throughout the country, Starbucks rolled out their breakfast sandwiches and drive-thru service in Boston and select Los Angeles locations. No information was provided as to what Starbucks' drive-thrus would be called in gibberish Italian, or if the ubiquitous coffee giant would unveil a Melville-inspired, creepy, dead-eyed mascot to compete with Ronald McDonald or the Burger King.

Chicken wraps are the new gorditas, and they're teeming with good cholesterol: Meanwhile, over at the Golden Arches, a new honey mustard snack wrap was unveiled, to complement their wildly successful ranch snack wrap. McDonald's revamped breakfast menus and chicken options are a large reason for their recent resurgence, and the increased profitabilily of their stock. Also, Hamburger U has finally found a trans-fat-free oil that everyone can agree on. The announcement comes months before New York City's trans-fat ban takes effect, and possibly minutes before Alderman Ed Burke draws a new line in the sand in his ongoing battle against trans-fats.

"But I don't want to miss the Budweiser commercials!!": After winning a battle of dueling petition drives with West Lakeview Liquors, Twisted Spoke head honcho Mitch Einhorn has finally opened up a second Lush Wine & Spirits location in Roscoe Village, at 2232 West Roscoe (773-281-8888). Since the big game doesn't start until 5:25 Sunday evening, get off your duffs and head to their University Village location, where they'll be hosting a bloody mary competition. The contest runs from 12-2, followed by Lush's weekly wine tasting.

"Accessible for everyone": We've had our fun with Charlie Trotter in recent months. Truth be told, Channel 20's airing of Trotter's "Kitchen Sessions" re-runs and his cookbooks have actually helped us become competent in the kitchen, and confident to the point that if we ever eat at Trotter's eponymous restaurant again and served lukewarm food, we'll raise a fuss. If you don't want to spend Sunday sweating over a hot stove, check out this Super Bowl XLI menu (you'll need Adobe Reader to open it) from Trotter's To Go. Also, this evening Trotter's To Go is hosting a free wine tasting from 5-7 p.m., featuring bordeauxs, riojas, and Italian and Chilean varietals from Palm Bay Imports, paired with little noshes prepared by the Trotter's staff.

"Two great tastes that go great together": Provenance Food and Wine is hosting a seminar next Tuesday. Stellaria Natural Health owner Stephanie Draus, ND, a naturopathic doctor whose practice focuses on natural health and nutrition, will give a seminar called "Wine, Chocolate, and Your Health." The cost of the seminar is $19 per person, and attendees will receive a ten percent discount on all purchases made the night of the class. Wine and chocolate are also aphrodisiacs, so load up.