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It's All A Game ... The Price Of Fame

By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on Feb 7, 2007 3:20PM

We don’t get excited about reunion tours. We’re above that. Unless of course it’s The Police, in which case we jump up and down clapping our hands like a school bus full of those girls Gwen Stefani pays to follow her around.

2007_02_thepolice.jpgWe had been told that the revered (by us) group would be playing Soldier Field this summer as part of their 30th Anniversary / Cashin’ In / We’re In The R’N’R Hall O’ Fame Suckas! Tour, and we were bummed. But we were resigned to shelling out astronomical amounts of money for reserved seating, because the last time we attended a show at Soldier Field in the general attendance section it was Pearl Jam and we ain’t doing that again, and we wanted to enjoy the show.

Well, today the Sun-Times reports that Sting (read: THE MOTHERFUCKING POLICE) are in talks with the folks at Wrigley Field for a two-night stand there this summer. We just mussed our pants writing that last sentence.

We’ll keep you apprised of the situation. And by situation, we mean we’ll be unraveling the mystery of why the S-T announced these talks instead of The Chicago Tribune, whose parent company, um, owns Wrigley. Maybe that’s why no one wants to buy The Trib, huh?

Tickets will be pricey though, so we guess if you're feeling skint you can always catch Ozzfest instead since it's free this year. Us? We're saving our allowance and totally going to see if Stewart Copeland starts throwing stuff at Sting while And Summers makes deadpan jokes throughout the evening.