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A New Way to Get Into Car Accidents!

By Alicia Dorr in News on Feb 13, 2007 7:57PM

ford-sync.jpgNow that the Chicago Auto Show is well under way, we've had a few bright, shiny glimpses of what could be on its way for this car culture of ours. One of the most excitingly American innovations to debut is technology that could allow drivers to check email while on the road! Woohoo!

We're sure it will take a few years for Chicago aldermen to notice it and ban it, so you've got some time to yearn for the unit, which is still in development stages. SYNC, which is a Microsoft and Ford baby, is a feature in the new Ford Edge. The device would allow drivers to check email, take advantage of text messaging shorthand (LOL, LMAO, ROFL, OMFG!) and hands-free cell phone technology, download music and generally be connected to the information superhighway. Heh.

A Ford spokesman said that the companies are looking to start distributing it this fall. We guess we can't be too hard on it as far as distraction devices go; it allows you to listen to messages by pressing a button on the wheel. We can be hard on it as far as cliche and/or annoying advertising goes, however, as the companies are all about the viral marketing.

Call us catty, but we can't really imagine that the thing won't be distracting, even with hands-free technology. Our radio is hands-free, and we've still been known to fish around in the back seat for CDs, fumble with the stations and stare straight at it during a traffic jam before running into the back of an undercover cop. That said, we're still positive that it will be all over the place in no time.

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