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Hot Doug's Sausage Superstore Hit With a Foie Gras Citation

By Timmy Watson in News on Feb 17, 2007 7:30PM

Hot Doug's is the proud recipient of the city's first Foie Gras ticket. Doug Sohn, who puts the Doug in Hot Doug's, has been taunting the hell out of city officials since the ban went into effect. Sohn framed the warning letter he received from the city and placed it on his counter.

07_02_17_hotdougs.jpgComing half a year after the ordinance was passed, the Chicago Health Department inspector went to Hot Doug's on Friday morning, issued a citation and confiscated the foie gras. It's probably sitting next to that Naperville cocaine that was also confiscated recently.

As one of the greatest delicacies in French cuisine, it is pretty odd that a hot dog stand received the first citation. There are countless restaurants in the city that have essentially ignored the ban. The irony doesn't stop there; confiscating the foie gras, the inspector undoubtedly crossed many a sketchy ass hot dogs. The irony doesn't stop there; the hot dog, which could be considered by some as having sketchy ingredients, can in many cases involve just as much inhumane treatment as the making of Foie Gras. Perhaps that will be what the city tells us we can’t eat next. The self proclaimed “Sausage Superstore and Encased Meat Emporium" has removed all Foie Gras related items from the menu and there is no word on whether it will make it on there again.

Hot Doug's will be closed starting on Monday while Doug is vacationing in France and will not reopen until March 5. The court hearing for the citation is March 29.