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Elsewhere in the Ist-a-verse

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Feb 18, 2007 6:48PM


We'd like to start this week's run-down by wishing a very happy birthday to parent blog Gothamist, which turned four on Friday. If it wasn't for them, the rest of us wouldn't be here. They celebrated their birthday by nabbing an interview with Entourage star Adrian Grenier, who misses NYC public transportation when he's working in LA. They also reported on NYU students protesting a band whose name is also known as a slur, the new graffiti king in town, Bill Cosby's adorable dog, and the disturbing tale of a yoga instructor who was found guilty of killing his girlfriend, a dancer from Ohio who stripped to make ends meet.

Bostonist is grateful that the Celtics broke their losing streak on Valentine's Day—perhaps the players girlfriends were withholding the slam dunk until they won! They were also all about Valentine's Day: they made sausage, taught breaking up 2.0, and shopped for Barbie Dolls that were suspiciously like the ones in San Francisco.

Torontoist wasn't sure how they felt about four Greenpeace activists chaining themselves together in the offices of Kleenex's manufacturer. They hunted down the remains of Microsoft's Windows Vista Ice House, and wondered about the future of their men's magazines after the death of one.

Phillyist got pretty in to local politics this week, what with their wacky local mayoral race and being Facebooked by city council candidates. They also stumbled across some sweet vintage concert footage and, in honor of Valentine's Day, listed ten things to love about Philly.

SFist presents to you: East Bay Barbie (it's funny even if you've never been to Northern California) and debates recent measures on restaurants like health care, minimum wage, and paid sick leave, and their effect on restaurants. Their cartoonist tells you how to break up with your girlfriend in sixty-four steps, and that laugh is probably much-needed, what with all the shootings last weekend. And in case you've been stuck in the same situation, here are some ideas for how to get a table at a coffee shop when everyone else is on a laptop.

DCist threw their fifth Unbuckled concert with Pela and These United States, which looks like it was way fun. Meanwhile, D.C. residents and their mayor went down to Capitol Hill to lobby for a vote on the voting rights bill, and DCist wondered why D.C. residents have such a hard time shoveling snow and offered their best ideas for cooking a romantic Valentine's Day dinner.

Over at Sampaist, there's not that much to report, what with all the Carnaval cleavage to distract the staff.

Houstonist is proud that they've slimmed down in the eyes of Men's Fitness Magazine, but they've got a pretty definite way to regain all that lost weight. On the arts and entertainment front, Houstonist was able to track down a pair of enormous Beatles, and Leo's gonna make him an Enron movie.

Shanghaiist is thrilled that Al Gore has announced Shanghai will be hosting one of the Live Earth concerts. And hey, few things make them happier than subtitled American TV. Also in Shanghai, a mountain was painted green after a man was told that the bare mountain was bad feng shui and detrimental to his business, and a Chinese soccer stadium, where the Chinese national team qualified for its only World Cup finals appearance, was destroyed in 6.6 seconds. And hey, Valentine's Day was this week!

LAist has an interview with the owner of the video game store where kids and celebs would go to get illegal X Boxes, and a game review, podcast, and photo essay of the LA Derby Dolls' latest match. Joe Rogan has joined the ranks of comedians banned from Hollywood nightclubs, and an area mayor was told during a council meeting that his campaign manager is a two-bagger.

Seattlest reports that the Mariners are out of pens. Pencils, we assume, they've still got in spades. Seattle is getting ready for NASCAR on the Waterfront Highway (which seems like such a waste, given Seattlest's catastrophic car troubles and NSA-approved dolphins. And their weeklies are having a lovers' quarrel.

Chicagoist's senator, Barak Obama, has made his presidential run official. Chicagoist interviewed the founder of locally-owned and coming-to-LA, Intelligentsia Coffee and weighed in on their favorite places in the Andersonville neighborhood. Former NBA star and Chicago native Tim Hardaway is a big homophobe, and iPods might become illegal in Chicago intersections.

And last but not least, Londonist posted about some rather ambitious architects want to build mile-high towers in London and took forty of their readers on a spooky walk along the Thames. You know those red-coated, big-hatted soldiers we have in London? Here is one going completely la-la—maybe because he wants a a new hat?

Compiled and edited by Jillian Ashley Blair Ivey.

Break-up 2.0 graphic by Christi Gorelli, via Bostonist.