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Hump Day Political News Roundup

By Kevin Robinson in News on Feb 21, 2007 5:30PM

2007_2_orange_cowboy.jpgAfter a brief jaunt out west, Chicagoist is back at the homestead, making camp here on the prairie that is sweet home Chicago. But just because we took a long weekend doesn't mean that our elected officials did. Here's a look back at what's been newsworthy so far this week:

Illinois junior senator Barack Obama has a huge lead — in MySpace friends! Outpacing Hillary Clinton's "friends" by some 20,000, he's clearly in the lead, at least on the internet. Steve Johnson makes the obvious commentary by pointing out that Howard Dean was also kicking ass on the internet, proving that it can be an awesome vehicle to get activists to do all kinds of things for you, except actually come out and vote.

If you want to have a look at aldermanic candidates looking silly, well it's all right here. WindyBits presents all the crappy photos that people have posted on their own campaign websites. Nowhere else can you see Bob Bank's shoe, or James Cappleman looking a little hungover in front of Chicago's finest!

There is no love lost between Forrest Claypool and Daley ... either of them. Claypool has endorsed challengers in the 42nd and 43rd Wards, both running against candidates backed by Hizzoner himself. Although Claypool's district only runs as far south as Bucktown, Michelle Smith, who is running against 43rd Ward Alderman Vi Daley (no relation), and Brendan Reilly, running against 42nd Ward Alderman Burt Natarus, are hoping to ride Claypool's coattails to victory.

John McCain is bringing the fight to Illinois. Speaking before the Union League Club of Chicago's annual celebration of George Washington's birthday, McCain said that the GOP must "compete in Illinois in a general election," according to the Lincoln Courier.

The dead can do more than vote in Chicago. It's long been a tradition here to have the dead come out and vote for you. Mayor Daley has extended that tradition, with the Daley campaign receiving a $10,000 contribution from the George W. Dunne Campaign Fund. (Dunne died some nine months back.) We're considering taking this tradition one step further and voting for Harold Washington.

It's not just low prices anymore. Our friends over at Prairie State Blue have done some digging into the campaign contributions made by a certain mega-retailer that wants to do business here in town. They are reporting that Wal-Mart has been putting smiley faces on aldermanic candidates, making contributions to aldermen that it feels will support its efforts. Didn't we say this would happen?

Image via Coker Cline.