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Mac Zealots, Break Out Those Shopping Carts, MUSH!

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Feb 26, 2007 7:35PM

2007_02_chiditarod.jpgIt feels a bit like Alaska outside, but there probably isn’t enough snow on the streets to go dog sledding (it won’t stop us from trying). Luckily, for those who really want to scream “MUSH!” at a couple of dogs or friends, there is the Chiditarod.

On March 3, over 100 participants will go tearing through the streets of Chicago in shopping carts pulled by a four of their best friends, or worst enemies depending on how you look at it. The route is unannounced and is determined only by how you decide to get from point A to point B somewhere in the city. Also, since this is for charity, 15 pounds of food is required to be with your team when you cross the finish line, though how you acquire the food or when you acquire the food along the course is up to you.

2007_02_vista.jpgThe call to arms for Mac users came yesterday when the Chiditarod received a registration from the Windows Vista team. According to the contact info, the Chiditarod people say it looks legit.

Mac users shouldn’t go too far, but the Chiditarod actually encourages and rewards “creative, non-destructive uses of sabotage.” Hint, hint. It is time to avenge that time that Bill Gates stole the graphical interface from Steve Jobs (+2 geek points for actually being angered by this).

One question remains, what is the best cart for racing? While Whole Foods may be a fan favorite grocery store, their short wheelbase and top-heavy cart may make for an unstable and scary trip. The standard cart may be the best, just make sure to check the wheels and the steering on your finely tuned machine before taking it to the streets. A helmet may also be a good idea.

There is still time to register, and it is only $5.

Chiditarod image via arisofalaska.

Thanks, Louis!