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Don't Forget About the Chicagoist-sponsored Show Tonight

By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on Mar 2, 2007 12:00AM

2007_03_momn.jpgDon’t forget that Chicagoist is sponsoring the show at Metro tonight, featuring headliners May Or May Not. May Or May Not’s orch-pop captured out hearts the first time we heard it, but the record certainly didn’t prepare us for the group’s energetic, and pretty rockin’, live show.

Also on the bill are pals of the band: Dialogue, Sleep Out, and Rollo Tomasi. The Anglophiles in Dialogue craft spacious songs drenched in reverb. Tender touches of cello poke out and weave between singly plucked guitar strings and then leap over the edge and crash into expansive choruses.

Sleep Out take their cues from the era of R.E.M. playing clubs much smaller than Metro. Loping rock and/or roll matches the easy gait of the vocals and the clinkity-clank rhythms lock into a persuasive stroll. Opening is Rollo Tomasi, sonically sort of the odd man out since they like to tear shit up and make their speakers bleed, but within the context of an evening of terrific music performed by gifted bands, Rollo Tomasi fits in seamlessly.

Photo of May Or May Not