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Good Will Hunting

By Margaret Hicks in Arts & Entertainment on Mar 2, 2007 3:42PM

It’s not often that the American public surprises Chicagoist. We’re usually pretty good at guessing the trends of middle minds across the country, but last night we were surprised … twice.

Luckily for Chicagoist, we got our TiVo back good as new. We must say it is a relief when watching the American Idol results show. The hour-long show is easily cut down to 15 minutes since we don’t need to see them dancing and bandying about. Honestly, we just want to know who is in and who is out.

Hunt3_2_07.jpgAnd wow. The power of sexually confused 13-year-old girls everywhere saved the scariness that is Sanjaya. The only thing we like about this is that we get to be creeped out again next week when Sanjaya picks a new song and a new outfit. And poor A.J. — he did a pretty good job comparatively, but apparently isn’t feminine and creepy enough to stay.

Glocksen3_2_07.jpgThe other surprise is the expulsion of Chicagoan Leslie Hunt. We’ve said before that she might have not been our favorite Idol, but she was miles — light-years perhaps — ahead of Antonella-of-the-mildly-dirty-pictures (some images NSFW!). It was Alaina's time, but it was not Leslie Hunt’s time.

We’re honestly sorry to see our local girl go. Now we’ve got to put all of our karmic energy behind Gina Glocksen, from Naperville, and her sympathetic red-striped-hair boyfriend.