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This Week in Stupid

By Matt Wood in Miscellaneous on Mar 2, 2007 12:31PM

chicagoist_200703_impulse2.jpgPlaying a little catch-up this week after our first round of reader contributions. There's no overriding theme this time other than a general lack of foresight. To paraphrase Gov. Rod's campaign commercials, "What were they thinking?"

The municipal elections offered their fair share of the ridiculous. We'd like to thank Arenda Troutman, the campaign volunteers in the 16th and 24th wards, and supporters of Bernard Stone for their special contributions. (Thanks Jerry)

A Chicago man is suing Jade Dragon Tattoo for inflicting "emotional distress from public ridicule” and “loss of self-esteem and psychological pain and suffering" after they gave him a tattoo that reads "CHI-TONW" instead of "CHI-TOWN." We feel for you, man, but didn't you think to look down and double-check it while they were working? (Thanks Hanna)

Two teenagers were caught having sex among the stacks at the Woodstock Public Library on Monday. CBS 2 says the police called it "consensual sex," but because the boy was 19 and his girlfriend was underage, he's being charged with criminal sexual abuse. Also, the picture that goes with this story is fantastic.

Lake County, Ind., jail officials said last week that they can't explain why a homeless, mentally ill man accused of stealing a soda was held in custody for 17 months. (Thanks Mark)

And sometimes, things are just too good to include in our Weekend Police Blotter: last Satruday, employees at the TCF Bank in Oak Lawn foiled a bank robbery by hiding in the vault when they saw masked men approaching. The would-be robbers jumped the counter looking for cash, but didn't check the teller drawers, you know, where the bank actually stores money. They left empty-handed. (Thanks Shannon)

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Image from Poor Impulse Control.