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Elsewhere in the Ist-a-verse

By Matt Wood in News on Mar 4, 2007 7:18PM

Spring appears to have, er, sprung, at least temporarily, in most of the Ist-A-Verse, so naturally, we're all feeling pretty good. (Yes, we know that spring doesn't officially start till later this month. Just let us enjoy our weather!) And that makes us that much more eager to share all of the nifty things we're up to...

sampasubway.jpgOver at Sampaist, spring has more than sprung: it's sweltering! But, as everyone knows, museums are an ideal place to avoid the heat. Museums featuring controversial displays of the unclaimed bodies of deceased Chinese? Even better. (WARNING: Don't click that link if you don't know what you're in for.)

Phillyist knows that nothing says spring like pigeon stool (not that kind) and puppy love. And spring means feeling comfortable enough to walk around outside and appreciate gorgeous views. Unfortunately, spring also means fewer layers to cover up bad cologne, but no worries: fabulous performers (of the camp and public variety) will take your mind off your offended nose. Your offended sense of grammar, though, perhaps not.

SFist knows that springtime is for lovers, and what's more romantic than a latex-gloved stalker? The answer to that question, natch, is racism. Spring storms may have caused this San Francisco landslide, but one thing's for certain: pizza is glorious, no matter the time of year.

Of course, while love is in the air every spring, the folks at Torontoist wish to remind you that there's a difference between love and date rape. The greatest love of all, though, is the love of oneself, as a former Torontonian songwriter discovered when she became a he. Torontoist also shared their love of film, or perhaps just awards shows and Broken Social Scene, but their disdain for disappointing concert performances and serious factual errors.

LAist also knows that spring means Oscar (even if the awards were earlier this year), and covered the ceremony's set-up, as well as one of those fabulous gifting parties that we've heard so much about. You don't usually think of the Chinese New Year having much to do with the springtime, but with LA's weather lately, you probably should. But what about those chilly nights in California? Well, we'd imagine that the shiny metal facade of this new BP station in Beverly Hills retains enough heat from daytime sun exposure to keep you warm, if you forget your coat.

Speaking of California (albeit not of spring), Houstonist confirmed that yes, the Golden State is still more expensive than Houston. And with Lent in full swing, why shouldn't the Blessed Virgin Mary visit a school cafeteria? Of course, for any of those asking "WWJD?" (and who isn't, with Easter coming up?), we're guessing the answer isn't make English the official language of your town. (Aramaic, perhaps...) And hey, any day but Friday, why not take your significant other to Ikea for some tasty meatballs?

docklands_light_rail.jpgLondonist, being those brilliant bloggers that they are, know that spring is the season that comes immediately before summer, and that five summers from this one, London is hosting the Olympics. Because nobody wants an embarrassed home team, the UK is trying to recruit tall people. That makes sense. About as much sense as looking for Mexican food in London. Spring is also when St. Patrick's Day happens, and since everyone knows (in the world of stereotypes) that the Irish love potatoes, it's time for an annual potato portrait competition. And while it's still chilly enough for people to want to take public transit over walking, it's nice for Londonist to know that London's Tube is the best in the world.

Shanghaiist also knows the order the seasons come in, and so is painfully aware that summer will follow spring, and with it, quite possibly the worst mosquito year to date. But never fear: there are killer fish to take care of that problem! But before the mosquitoes descend on Shanghai, spring will also see a Sonic Youth Chinese tour, and, hopefully, an upswing in the currently very-low Chinese Stock Market. Maybe Hollywood's recent interest in Chinese film will help. Meanwhile, Shanghaiist is feeling a little confused by Virgin's recent subway rankings, and disappointed in disappearing WiFi spots.

Spring in Austin means it's (almost) time for SXSW, and Austinist readers are celebrating by kinda pissing off one of the creators. Meanwhile, the lovely spring weather is making it easier for a pretty extraordinary feat, concrete harvesting, and the possible construction of McMansions. Of course, spring can also bring rain—not that that kept away any of Barak Obama's Texas fans.

nyc_l_train.jpgSpringtime in New York is the perfect time for walking around. Gothamist is especially jazzed to have the opportunity to walk through the newly-restored, and absolutely gorgeous, Bethesda Terrace Arcade in Central Park. Not all the outdoor art in NYC is so mainstream, but one street artist is getting mainstream attention. Some in Manhattan may find that it's still too chilly to make the trip downtown to Trader Joe's, but no worries: Gothamist has some creative alternatives to grocery shopping. If, however, you do need to go to the store, Gothamist suggests you don't drive, but instead take New York's highly-regarded subway. And all times of year are equally awesome for making fun of hipsters.

Nothing, and we mean nothing, says spring to us like baseball, and Bostonist is covering aptly-titled Spring Training—they even have an endorsement idea for the Sox. Good thing they're focusing on the baseball, too: its announcers aren't usually this sexist. Meanwhile, if you're going to a spring wedding in Boston, there's the legal possibility that it will be a same-sex union. And a Massachusetts judge has ruled that, no matter how hard they try, parents can't keep their kids from reading "gay" books.

And speaking of sports and prejudice, Seattlest writes that the Sonics were sold to bigots (who at least may be trying to cover up, if not entirely rescind, some of the prejudice). While Seattle tries to sort through that mess, Phoenix tries to make sense of a Seattle alt-weekly. Maybe everyone would do better if they just took a break and had a nice dessert.

Compiled and edited by Jillian Ashley Blair Ivey.

All images from Ist cities listed on the oft-cited Top 11 Underground Transit Systems Throughout the World by Virgin Vacations, as credited below:

Untitled. Photo taken by Rubira.

The Docklands Light Rail by Canary Wharf, London. Photo taken by Brian Weinberg.

Modern L Train. Photo taken by Brian Weinberg.