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Cheaters Never Win? Bullshit.

By Sarah Dahnke in News on Mar 6, 2007 3:56PM

2007_3_6_chiditarod.jpgAt the after party at the Hideout for the 2007 Chiditarod, the teams that were beaten to a pulp by first-place winners the Corporate Dalliance knew one thing: This team cheated. They just didn't know how.

One budding, future Pulitzer Prize-winning Northwestern student has posted a video expose of the ordeal that demonstrates the team's methodology, proving they always planned to play dirty.

On a whim, Medill Journalism student Matthew Bigelow embedded himself with this team of schemers, perhaps amused by their blatantly bare-bones operation, which consisted of an undecorated shopping cart and a team of five dressed in oversized jerseys. In the end, he knew he made the right choice. Not only had he chosen to follow the winning team, but he had footage that could then be taken to the Chiditarod committee and used as evidence to prove that the Corporate Dalliance should be stripped of its title and never be allowed to race again. The media world is now Bigelow's oyster. He's been offered a job as an investigative reporter for the New York Times, the Washington Post and CNN. And he's started to have to screen Judith Miller's phone calls. She calls twice a day for advice.*

Brian Lauvray, Gregg Sparks, Paul Pagel, Eric Porges and Rosa Kozub, you're right up there with Rosie Ruiz, Tonya Harding and the 1919 Chicago White Sox. We couldn't be more proud.

*Chicagoist does not stand by any of the claims regarding the Chiditarod committee or the future of Bigelow's journalism career.

Photo of Corporate Dalliance via jamce2.