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Chicago vs. New York, the Never-Ending Battle

By Shannon in Arts & Entertainment on Mar 11, 2007 3:00PM

when will it end?We at Chicagoist are suspending our policy of trying not to add more momentum to Rachael Ray's unstoppable takeover of the United States. (About the only thing that would kill it at this point would be a leaked Internet video involving sheep, salad tongs and some damn good reasons for that insidious grin.) Ms. Ray is hooking up with Delta Airlines in order to promote seven new daily flights between Midway Airport and LaGuardia, raising the total amount of Chicago-New York flights to 12.

What's the tie-in, you ask? Why, none other than a pizza contest. Representatives from the Windy City and the Big Apple will square off on an episode of "The Rachael Ray Show," set to air in early April. The finalists have already been decided; now the votes need to be cast to determine who will compete. Among the chosen are Giordano's, Lou Malnati's, Connie's Pizza, Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder, Gino's East, Vito & Nick's, Pat's Pizzeria & Ristorante, Home Run Inn, Pete's Pizza and Pizzeria Uno. A respectable big-name smattering, we suppose. We're a bit disappointed that our own personal favorite, Pizano's, wasn't on the list, but luckily there's a write-in option. Voting is open until Friday at

Here's the thing that puts the heavy in our sigh: You just can't compare Chicago and New York-style pizzas. They're too different to pit one against another, and everyone has their own die-hard opinion. Wars have been started over less. We've had New Yorkers poo-poo our gobs of cheese, square slices and hidden toppings. Likewise, we've criticized NY's lack of cheese, general flatness and even the style of eating (that's not a Fruit Roll-up there, bub). To each his own, and never the twain shall meet. It's just another apples and oranges stunt cooked up by bored network executives that has no mooring in reality.

Images via gniliep and Wikipedia.