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Hate the Game, Not the Player

By Kevin Robinson in News on Mar 12, 2007 2:30PM

obamasmoking.jpgIn this day and age of the media destroying politicians, it's become par for the course for the press to dig up something embarrassing about a candidate to try and discredit them. In some cases, it's worked (like with Jack Ryan). In others, it hasn't been so effective (remember the breathless media reports that Dubya had a DUI? We didn't think so.) Barack Obama isn't immune to this either. First it was the erroneous and now discredited charges that he had studied in a foreign-sounding and America-hating radical Muslim madrassa in Indonesia. Even when they aren't making this shit up, nothing seems that damning: Tony Rezko owns a vacant lot next to the Obamas, and they make him build a fence between the two parcels of land. How about the intern that Obama's office hired for the summer that was connected to Rezko? And then yesterday, we get word that an investor helped Obama raise a bunch of money when he was running for the Senate. Even the right-wing media has tried to stir up discontent with op-ed pieces that stretch really hard to connect dots that are tenuous at best. To the right wing of this country, Barack Hussein Obama must seem like some kind of fantastical leftist wet-dream. No matter how you try to pick the guy apart, he remains popular, and nothing seems to stick to him.

Even Barack's former best friend, the Chicago Tribune, wants in on the action, filing a mountain of FOIA requests for everything and anything related to the guy, just in case. In the meantime the AP has busted him on parking tickets. That's right, folks, Barry got more than just an education at Harvard. He's a scoundrel who's been on lam from the five-oh, hiding out for nearly 17 years to avoid paying $375 in parking tickets and associated fines. Maybe we can get the Tribune to do an investigation into extradition laws between Illinois and Massachusetts?

Image via Wonkette.