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New Wrigley Gum Somehow Multi-Sensed

By Laura Oppenheimer in Food on Mar 14, 2007 8:28PM

We knew our gum chewing experience had been somewhat lacking, but we couldn't put our finger (tongue?) on just what was wrong. Now we know! Before, our gum was only stimulating some, but not all, of our five senses. Enter Wrigley's new gum, 5.

2007_3_gum.jpg5, which will hit the market this summer, offers "invigorating sensations 'you can feel as you chew.'" Flavors will include Rain, a tingling spearmint flavor; Cobalt, a cooling peppermint flavor; and Flare, a warming cinnamon flavor. No joke, the first time Chicagoist read about these flavors we had a flashback to college, when the student health center would push all sorts of odd/flavored condoms. We could never figure out why they did that.

But really, we sort of don't get 5. We think regular gum handles four of the five senses pretty well. And really, who actually want to hear gum? Chicagoist usually tries to avoid people who chew too loudly; giving them any more ammo just seems like cruel and unusual punishment.

Image via Global Health Center.