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Elsewhere in the Ist-a-verse

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Mar 19, 2007 12:18AM


We're guessing most of you are hungover from St. Patrick's Day. We are too. But still, we're going to muddle on through our green haze and give you (drum roll please...) this Week In -ists.

We start with SFist which broke the -ist record for comments with nearly 500 comments on a post about our Mayor's girlfriend. She responded back on charges that she's not a "girl's girl" and, whoo boy-- the floodgates? They did open. Why all the fascination with Gavin's girlfriend? Was it the violation of the girl's code? Or simply href="">her choice of fashion? Either way, SFist had the Best Week Ever.

Gothamist saw cops indicted and two volunteer cops shot. They also saw lines form to register kids for pre-kindergarten, searched for frozen yogurt, and shook their fist at a very bad man who mugged old ladies.

Chicagoist was all about leisure activities. Maybe it was because their daily rag is expanding to weekends? But they had a story on on the Olympics and plenty of restaurant reviews.
They then waded into perhaps one of the most intractable issue of our time-- does
New York or Chicago have the best pizza

LAist was excited about SXSW, tours of the LA river, the annual LA Times Festival of Books, and the Hollywood Bowl Schedule, but weren't excited about people who don't take public transportation.

Torontoist celebrated the census, their nightlife, one of their favorite intersections, a message board, and their own take on March Madness.

Phillyist sang the praises of WaWa, more cops, and the flower show. People who walk around nude in the gym and the cold weather do not make them sing.

Austinist threw themselves a SXSW party and checked out a new guerilla dance production. They also settled the debate about who's got the best queso in town and detailed displeasure at a housing development.

Shanghaiist watched Gore Vidal give a talk, Avril Lavigne try and sing in Chinese, some weird two headed things, and pandas have sex. They also might be able to watch Spiderman III before LA does.

Londonist went shopping and bought themselves some crocodile skin Nike's. Luckily, they didn't get in trouble so didn't wind up in some department store cells but thought the price on the Olympics was too high. They didn't buy but still dug a YouTube clip of Lilly Allen as a Sim.

Houstonist might have been a tad angry this week as they found some long rant about the world's worst boss and a local beat someone to death on the NJ Turnpike. Elsewhere, they checked out a photo exhibit on what Houston looks like to people who've never been there and interviewed soccer star Brian Ching.

Bostonist said goodbye to Boston's lead singer Brad Delp and Manny being Manny. Also Dice-K doesn'thate the Yankees enough and their very own transit sitcom has their second episode.

Picture of the LA River from LAist
Written by SFist's Jon Shurkin