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Gross-Out Humor Makes Gross Comeback

By Alicia Dorr in Miscellaneous on Mar 21, 2007 6:12PM

Urine%2520lab.jpgIn what we will now rashly generalize as "The Wisecracking Kids' Reign of Terror," a second student has used his bodily functions in school to affect students and teachers in school.

An eighth-grade student in Muncie decided it would be a decanter full of laughs to put pee in his teacher's coffee pot. While this didn't have the mass effect that the other student had when he put his own special ingredient in the ranch dressing, we assume it grossed out more people than the victim.

The Wilson Middle School teacher came to the principal with a funky odor wafting from her coffee pot. ("This smells bad — smell it.") It was identified as urine, and to add a new level of "ewwww" to the situation, the administration found more urine in the suspect's locker. His guerrilla urine campaign quickly ended, he admitted his crime, and he has been sentenced to what we can only hope is maximum security suspension.

Really, the story baffles us as much as the splooge kid's antics did. For us, the question is simple: who the hell wants to be known as the guy who did something like this? On another note, we feel bad for the person who had to remove the container of pee from the kid's locker.

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