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We Don't Know, We're Just Telling You

By Jocelyn Geboy in News on Mar 21, 2007 6:07PM

Chicagoist really has no idea if these public meetings that are supposed to be to hear community thoughts/suggestions/comments/feedback really are that. Or if they're just legal due diligence, or if they're just so people feel that they had a chance to express themselves, or what. We still plan on going to the last meeting* about the three-track-were-you-smoking-crack sitch in the hopes that we can say something about it, but we're not really sure what it will do.

2007_03cta.jpgTruth be told, we're confused about it all. We believe it's important for people to get involved with local government and their communities and really participate. Even if people got all in a hissy about the Helen Shiller/whatthehelen thing, it did make us happy to see that people gave a fuck. Seriously.

But every time people really make an effort and try to get involved, whether it be through a neighborhood community watch, a bid to run for alderman, or a move to organize and keep an eye on all matters public, it seems like they get nowhere, get the shaft, or aren't sustainable.

All of that cynicism aside, the CTA wants the public's comments on the extension of the Red Line. The proposal is to extend the Red Line from its end at 95th to a new terminal at 130th Street. We are all for it!! Anything that adds to public transpo, much less our beloved Red Line, is all yes by us. Now, if they can nix that fucking superstation and get going on the extension, it would be great.

Meetings for the Red Line extension:

April 10 in the 4th floor auditorium of Chicago State University's New Academic Library, 9501 S. King Dr.
April 11 at the West Pullman branch of the Chicago Public Library, 830 W. 119th St.

The last meeting for discussion on the three-track grrrr:
March 26 from 6 to 8 p.m., CTA headquarters, 2nd floor, 567 W. Lake.

All meetings are from 6 to 8 p.m.

"you need more than a truck for that" by smussyolay.